Group of motivated women who work hard to highlight the local natural Burkinabe products; more precisely from our village : Guillé.

Tamneere means : the beautiful Shea...

Our main products are:

  • Shea butter (manually and traditionally extracted),
  • «Bissap» (dried hibiscus flower)
  • Sesame
  • Groundnut
  • Ognion …
The association is under the principle of fair trade, organic and environmentally friendly.



Guillé is a small Mossi village (1000 people) about forty kilometers from the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou. The village depends on the town of Bingo-province of Bulkiemdé. Located on the plateau Mossi.

The people live mainly from family farming (millet, sorghum, peanuts...), vegetable crops (tomatoes, onions, parsley...) and livestock. It has a primary school, a youth centre and a literacy centre. 

The village has many Shea trees and other fruit trees (mango , guava ... ) .
People live in traditional mud houses and thatched roof or in houses with tin roof.



The association created in April 2012, has more than 65 members in Guillé and as many in neighbouring villages.
Our members are mostly women.

To be part of our group we ask of 2000 cfa (3 €) entrance fee per member to pay only ones. The association is subject the law n°10 of the Burkinabe's law. 
The production of natural products is made in Guille’s field, other villages produce also for us (Sa, Kaligri and Sourgoubila) Women are grouped by type of production (sesame, groundnut, hibiscus and Shea collect).
We are also establishing community fields. 
Tamneere finances all costs of production and then buys production fairly.

We practice a 100% natural farming.
No chemical inputs are used.

To feed our fields, we have created a small livestock in order to have organic manure. Despite our poor soils and our low yields, we always focus on the quality of our products.

All members are trained so that quality and hygiene criteria are met. We also make sure that within a radius of several kilometers there is no intensive or transgenic crop. 
At harvest, grain is stored in Tamneere’s houses under constant temperature and dry. We have built eco-friendly houses named “voûte Nubienne” made only with earth and clay.
All transformations occur in Guillé to keep the quality control throughout ...



Continue our fair operation where everyone participates in his own ascension.

  • Highlight the Burkinabe products abroad to give them added value.
  • An integrated natural production, listening to human and environmental needs.
  • Renew the Shea tree park in the less fertile areas.
  • Register Shea World Natural Heritage of UNESCO.
Heritage and Terroir are two things that make a people and a country UNIQUE !!!